Six Roof Maintenance Tips

One of the most important parts of your home is your roof. For every residential home, there are two large infrastructure units that make the home safe and stable. The first infrastructure unit that is extremely important is your home’s foundation, which is the concrete slab on which your house sits. The second important infrastructure aspect is the roof. 

When roofs are installed properly, using decent materials, they should last two to three decades before you will need to install a new roof with fresh asphalt composite shingles. However, your roof will not last long if you do not take the time to maintain it and keep it in good condition regularly. It is wise to schedule a visit from a professional roofer at least twice a year.

A professional can get up on your roof and look for any signs of damage, preventing you from having to pay for larger, more costly repairs in the future. Spending some time now on roof maintenance can pay off in the end when you do not have to spend a significant amount of money on replacing your entire roof. 

Walk Through Your Attic Occasionally

Another important step in maintaining your roof is to look through your attic for any potential damage. If you see any light coming through places that should be solid or any signs of dampness or leaves, they could be an indication that your roof needs to be serviced by a professional soon. While you are up in your attic, take a look around for any signs of birds or animal infestations, as well.

Install Downspout Covers and Gutters

Few people enjoy the task of cleaning their gutters frequently. Doing so can be a major hassle, especially if it is cold and rainy. One solution that can help you is a one-time installation of downspout and gutter covers. These covers are a slotted shelf panel that fits over the gutter, allowing water to go through but keeping sticks, squirrels, and leaves out. These covers are similar to dome-grates. They fit over the opening of your downspout and perform the same function as a dome-grate. While installing them can take time, they can save you time in the long run by preventing your gutters from being clogged with debris.

Inspect Your Flashing and Shingles Regularly

The sooner you detect problems with your flashing and shingles, the quicker you can repair them. Oftentimes, severe damage happens when homeowners wait too long to repair minor issues. Sometimes all it takes is to look at your roof every once in a while to get an idea of any storm damage that is happening. If you can safely do so, climb up to your roof and look around. You do not even need to get on top of your roof and walk around to get an idea of whether your roof is damaged. If you see any separating shingles, rusted flashing, or damaged shingles, you will need to call a roof repair service as soon as possible. If you see any separating shingles, it is also important to call for help. If your roof looks fine, you can stick to your regular bi-annual appointments with your roofer. 

Watch Out for Moss and Algae

Moss and algae can be extremely dangerous for roofs. Even if you are careful about clearing off piles of leaves and snow, wet spots that you might not know about can cause moss and algae. While moss and algae are not damaging to your roof by themselves, they are usually a symptom of a larger roofing problem. If you see any moss or algae spots on your roof, contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. Depending on the scope of the problem, a professional roofer may need to replace the damaged shingles and repair the spot underneath the shingles, sealing it from any water continuing to leak.

Secure and Check Gutter Bolts

None of us enjoy cleaning our gutters, and it can be easy to get into the habit of letting your gutters overflow before cleaning them out. Fortunately, doing so can cause additional damage beyond too much rainwater building up. Gutters that become too heavy can begin to pull away from your roof, which can damage the roof and your gutters. Check your gutters to make sure they are attached securely and are not too full.

Sweep Piles of Debris Off Your Roof

Piles of debris on the roof may not seem like a big problem. The piles will often break up and move in a day or two, but leaving piles to sit on your roof can cause mushy spots. When this happens the moisture trapped in the shingles can lead to greater problems like rot in the support beams. Use a roof broom to scrape off any piles of debris, snow, or leaves. You do not even need to get up onto your roof to brush the piles off. You can use a large push broom with an extending handle from the ground. 

Seek the Help of a Professional 

It is always a good idea to engage in regular maintenance of your roof to prolong it. However, some of the problems you might have with your roof need to be addressed by a professional roofer. Several different aspects of roof care require the skills, tools, and attention of a professional roofer. Additionally, a professional roofer can look over your roof and tell you whether or not you need a roof to be replaced or it just needs to be repaired. Be sure to make an appointment with a professional roofing company at least every six to 12 months. If you need your roof repaired in Georgia, we can help. Contact Bullard Exteriors today to schedule your initial consultation.