Five Signs You Need Siding Repair Services in Georgia

Now that the holidays are over, it is a great time to consider working on home repairs. Most people do not think about their exterior siding until the damage becomes noticeable. Most of us pull into our garages and come inside hurriedly, or we park outside and rush inside our homes without paying attention to our siding. It can be easy to miss warping, discoloration, and significant cracks on your exterior walls. Nonetheless, siding, like any type of construction material, has a shelf life. Eventually, your siding will wear out and need to be replaced or repaired to keep your home secure during inclement weather conditions.

Siding not only provides your home with an aesthetic appeal, but it also serves an important practical purpose. Siding protects your home from the rain, sun, wind, and dirt. When siding becomes worn out or damaged, your home is no longer safe from insect invasions, moisture, and weather. Investing in repairing your siding before the problem escalates can save you significant money over the long-term. Here are a few signs that you need to replace or repair your siding.

Rot or Fungus

Georgia weather is often extremely humid. High humidity can cause damage to your siding. In hot weather conditions, humidity is more likely to sink into your siding and cause fungus or rot. Rot occurs when siding becomes moist or soaked with rain or humidity for too long. In most cases, a piece of siding that is already compromised or improperly sealed will become rotted due to humidity. When siding is exposed to humidity for long periods, it can become crumbly and soft, failing to protect your home. Fungus causes similar damage as it grows into the siding and causes it to break down over time. In both of these scenarios, you will likely need to replace the damaged siding.

Gaps and Cracks

For your siding to work correctly, there cannot be any gaps or cracks in it. As mentioned above, when there are cracks in the siding, rain, humidity, and fungus can creep in and cause damage. cracks in siding occur for various reasons, including flexing caused by foundation shifts, warping due to the heat of Georgia summer, and aging. If you see any siding panels that are not properly lined up, or you see any cracks, it is important to call a siding repair company as soon as possible. Fixing the gaps and cracks in your siding will prevent air, moisture, rain, and insects from causing more significant damage.

Increased Utility Bills

Have you noticed that your utility bills have crept up? Gaps in your siding can cause increased utility bills during summer or winter. When there are gaps or cracks in your siding, there is no outer seal that protects the air inside your home. One of the first things you should check after noticing increased electricity bills is your siding. Your air conditioning or heat may be leaking out of your siding due to damage that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Bubbles or Warping

During a hot Georgia summer, it is common for siding that is already vulnerable to bubble up or work in the extreme heat. Keep a close eye on your siding during the summer months to check for signs of bubbles or warping. Typically, bubbles occur with vinyl siding and can happen when the paint on top of your siding responds to high-heat environments. Warping is more common with older, conventional siding materials. High heat is not good for homes in general, and it is wise to check your siding every month in the summertime. At the very least, you may benefit from inspecting your siding at the beginning of the Fall season.

Discoloration and Peeling Paint

One of the most common signs of damaged siding happens when the siding becomes discolored or fades. You may notice that only certain patches of siding are becoming discolored. Or perhaps you have noticed that all of your siding has faded or become discolored. While some amount of fading is normal over time, if your siding becomes seriously just colored, you should contact a repair company as soon as possible to investigate. When siding fades significantly over a few years or becomes severely discolored and certain places, it is possible that long term exposure has broken down the siding.

Additionally, missing or peeling paint can indicate that you need a siding repair expert to investigate. In almost all cases, siding is covered by a particular type of sealant. Then the sealant is covered by paint to provide the best exterior protection for your home. The outer layers of sealant and paint are essential to maintaining your siding’s integrity. When the paint and sealant begin to break down, your siding will not work correctly to protect your home from outside elements.

If you noticed that your siding sections are missing paint or that paint is peeling, you should contact a siding repair expert. Siding experts can help you determine whether you just need new sealant and paint or whether you need to replace the siding altogether. 

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